Jedariya: Zepha

Jedariya: Zepha

Date: Wednesday 20 Dec, 2017
Venue: Awqaf Building, Heart of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

With the Sharjah Islamic Art Festival 2017 taking off, Maraya presents Vincent Abadie Hafez, also known as Zepha, for this edition of Jedariya. Given the geographic location of this Jedariya, Vincent’s transforms the Awqaf building at the Heart of Sharjah by his exploration in graphics research relationship between tradition and modernity. 

The Department of Awqaf enhances the awareness of Islamic waqf (endowment) by promoting this Sunnah, urging the wealthy and investing waqf funds with the aim of promoting them and directing revenues to meet the religious legal objectives of waqf donors to be model for the service and development of the society.

With the mission of the department located within the building, Vincent will inscribe the Surah Ali'Imran – verse 92 - within his drawings: "Never will you attain the good until you spend from that which you love". The choice behind the verse is due to the building being the general authority of Islamic affairs and endowments and their activity with waqf.

Waqf, in the Arabic language, means to stop, contain, or preserve. In Islamic terms, waqf refers to a religious endowment i.e. a voluntary and irrevocable dedication of one's wealth or a portion of it - in cash or kind (such as a house or a garden), and its disbursement for Shariah compliant projects (such as mosques or religious schools...)