Smart Home with littleBits™


Date: Wednesday 27 Apr, 2016 - Wednesday 27 Apr, 2016
Time: 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm
Venue: Maraya Art Centre, Al Qasba, Block (E), First Floor (Maraya Community), United Arab Emirates
Fees: AED 30

Maraya Art Centre has teamed up with Fun Robotics to offer this innovative workshop for children.

A workshop using "littlebits" for children, it aims at empowering them to become their very own inventors! In this workshop, young participants have the opportunity to combine different "littleBits", such as sensors, to LEGO homes they will build.

Age range: 7- 13 years old


About Little Bits:
littleBits™ is on a mission to Democratize Hardware by empowering everyone to Create Inventions, large and small, with a platform of easy-to-use Electronic Building Blocks. littleBits™ is born out of the Maker Movement and they have been helping lead the Open Hardware Movement. This is why littleBits is an open source and is building a community of contributors who experiment, share online, and learn from each other’s creativity.