Open Call For Musicians: Hiwar Project 2016

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Date: Tuesday 26 Jan, 2016 - Monday 29 Feb, 2016
Time: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Venue: Heart of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


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About Zahed Sultan

Zahed Sultan is a multimedia artist from Kuwait. His music has been licensed for television, film and music compilations. Zahed has been featured on renowned media platforms as an emerging Arab artist and tours internationally with a live audio-visual experience. Learn more about Zahed here:

About the 'Hiwar' Project

In collaboration with The Heart of Sharjah, the region's largest heritage project to restore and revamp Sharjah's traditional spaces from the 1950's with contemporary artistic touches, Zahed Sultan is embarking on a project in the center of the district for a two week residency and series of short and long form live performances in the month of February 2016. Through 'Hiwar', we are looking to collaborate with musicians from all backgrounds and ages, both traditional and modern, to participate in daily studio recording sessions, live jams in the traditional 'Majlis' style, and as well a final live audio-visual performance. Appropriating traditional folk music from the UAE (and Arabian Gulf in general) into a modern context will serve as the foundation for this project. The intention for this project is to explore the musical bridges between traditions past and trends present through multimedia.

How To Participate

We are looking for musicians from ages 16+ who can play an instrument or sing to collaborate with our team in a series of studio recordings, live jams, and a final live performance for the public. Rules: - must be 16+ years of age to participate - must be able to play an instrument or sing - must be open to collaboration with other artists - willing to sign a waiver for us to record, distribute, and promote any music that is created during your participation.

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