Once Upon DESIGN


Date: Thursday 03 Mar, 2016 - Thursday 03 Mar, 2016
Time: 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Venue: 1971 - Design Space, The Flag Island, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

Once Upon DESIGN: New Routes for Arabian Heritage

Curated by Noor Aldabbagh

A select group of makers have collaborated to unearth and experiment with elements of heritage from the Arabian Peninsula, working through their contemporary design practices across the fields of architecture, product and graphic design. They produced seven installations proposing various new routes and sensibilities responding to age-old traditions and customs by enhancing, altering or subverting them. Reflecting a unique moment in the Gulf contemporary design scene, this is an exhibition to see, experience and touch.


Ayah Al Bitar & Reem Hantoush

Latifa Saeed & Talin Hazbar

LOCI Architecture & Design Studio


Think Tank Co.

Diana Hawatmeh

Studio Mieke Meijer


Shuttle Service:

A shuttle service will be available from Dubai to Sharjah and return to Dubai to attend the opening of "Once Upon Design: New Routes for Arabian Heritage" exhibition at 1971- Design Space. The Zayed University "Kharareef" Heritage Storytelling Club will be on board to tell modern day UAE fairy tales and fables enroute to the exhibition .

Seats are limited, RSVP now to: rsvp@1971design.ae

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Meeting point: Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

Location on map: http://bit.ly/24xhzIT