Design House '16 Open Call


Date: Tuesday 10 May, 2016 - Sunday 05 Jun, 2016
Time: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Venue: 1971-Design Space, The Flag Island, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates


What is considered change? In its simplest forms, change is a shift, a development or a deterioration, a revision, or a redefinition, a transformation, an adjustment, an evolution.

Change is often instigated by curiosity and imagination; curiosity to find answers to unsolved mysteries and/or an imagination that goes wild, beyond what currently is to what could potentially be. Change starts with an observation, a question; a critical, uncompromising eye. How can we, individuals on different paths, ignite social change? How can we define, or redefine, the coordinates of someone else’s life, perhaps positively, perhaps forever?

With so many channels, available and accessible, how can people use their capacities to transform aspects of X’s life? Design House ’16 aims to bring together people who work in disparate mediums to make work that ease the necessities of X.

Does being a designer in a city like Sharjah prompt a person to create situations where he/she can spread the benefits of the expertise? Responding to this theme, the intention is to create work that is both rooted in Sharjah and that creates effective solutions for a person or a group of people’s existing needs.


Deadline: Sunday 5 June, 2016

To learn more about the open call and to download the application please visit: