Artist in Residence: Jung Chan boo


Date: Sunday 05 Feb, 2017 - Saturday 18 Mar, 2017
Time: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Venue: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates , United Arab Emirates

Jung Chan boo, a Korean artist from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture started his residency at Maraya Art Centre and will continue till 18 March, 2017.

"Jung Chan boo produces works with quotidian objects and sees all things in the universe as being in a symbiotic relationship. He has made animal and plant-shaped sculptures by binding straws in various colors. His works breathe life into animal and plant images using disposable straws, arousing the general public's emotions and offering them joy-Transforming such straws familiar to us into cute animals and trees. His work process can be thought of as an of generating a microcosm by collecting trifling little things. His sculptural pieces symbolic of such a nature are representations of the world in which people are warm, pure, and live in harmony. His work show that all things including industrial products, animals, and plants are ecologically one and the same. Trees, rock, air, and other objects blend together life. His animal and plant-shaped works made of straws are suggestive of utopia he has conceived where  nature and civilization are in harmony."

Oh Byung-Hee, Curator Of Gwangju Museum of Art