Aboriginal Art for Children


Date: Monday 16 Nov, 2015 - Monday 16 Nov, 2015
Time: 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm
Venue: 1971 - Design Space, The Flag Island, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Fees: AED 30

Australian Aboriginal culture is rooted in storytelling. Especially the Dreamtime stories which explain the origins of their environment, the landscape, the plants and animals. The visual expression of these stories into paintings and design is unique. The famous dot painting technique has opened up this culture to a wider appreciation of aboriginal culture in the western world.

This workshop will focus on the following:

  • Team work
  • Art skills e.g. color, design
  • Working on large scale
  • Storytelling and painting
  • Animal Painting
  • Dot Painting
  • History of Aboriginal art

To register please contact Maraya Art Centre on +971 6 556 6555 or by email at rsvp@maraya.ae