4 by Ayman Zedani


Date: Saturday 26 Aug, 2017 - Saturday 26 Aug, 2017
Time: 01:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Venue: Souq Al Shanasiya, Heart of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates , United Arab Emirates

4 is a site-specific installation that explores Ayman Zedani’s continual interest in how meaning is given by the audience through material interaction, and specifically how certain materials themselves can evoke the presence of a previous time and civilization.

In the project, charcoal, a simple everyday material, is subject to transformation in an effort to make the otherwise fragile substance more sustainable than its own natural age.

Chemically, charcoal is an amorphous form of carbon known as the basis of all known life. It’s unique ability to form four different bonds with other elements makes it a crucial constituent of living beings. It’s the fourth most abundant element in the universe and the second most abundant element in the human body. Physically, however, it is easily broken and crumbled and similar pieces from the same shop have inevitably already turned to ashes. Through the transformative processes carried out by the artist, the pieces challenge their own ephemerality and become something more than the sum of their parts.

The presence in the souk makes reference to the site’s own history and archaeological discovery of four layers of materials. The findings encompass a collection of ceramics, coins, glass, pearl, oyster and clam shells, additional organic material such as goat and camel bones, as well earthenware that were made locally and in neighboring Iran, Oman, and Yemen.  It is also the place where the base material was acquired and is being recirculated in its new form. The charcoal becomes a connection point to this history and the notions of time and preservation and commerce within what has historically been an important hub in the UAE.

Each of these wearable objects has a line that goes through all of them, which if put next to each other, creates a large circle that represents the essence of collectivity and bridging between times and beings. 

The project will be opening on Saturday 26 August, 2017 from 1:00-4:00 pm and then will remain open Saturday to Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm through 23 September, 2017.