Jedariya: Reminiscing by Tarsila Schubert

Jedariya: Reminiscing by Tarsila Schubert

Date: Tuesday 18 Dec, 2018
Venue: Al Qasba, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Maraya is pleased to present its 5th edition of Jedariya in collaboration with the street artist Tarsal Schubert. The location of this edition is within one of Sharjah’s iconic landmarks, Al Qasba, just a few steps from the Maraya Art Centre. Al Qasba is trendy amongst the neighboring community by being a popular destination in which they come together ­with all the attraction it offers.

By this Jedariya, Tarsila plans on creating an experience that would allow the visitors to relive childhood memories and creating new memories for the children who visit the place almost on a daily basis. The bridge at Al Qasba with its colourful patterns mixed with the architectural beige context brings together a playful perspective to the surrounding environment.

When I visited Al Qasba I fell in love with the area because it brought back memories of the amusement parks I played in when I was a child. This is why I decided to create something that could recreate that feeling of lightheartedness we all feel when we're children, even if just for a few moments. Crossing that colorful bridge is a way to relive those happy days for one last time” Tarsila Schubert.

About Tarsila:

Tarsila Schubert is a Brazilian-born street artist that has dedicated her life to art, having as inspiration the essence of the multi-diverse cultural background that she comes from. Her aim is to blend all the different inputs which we are confronted with everyday in an apparently chaotic yet perfectly organized structure while adopting strong colors that represent her personality and her traditions. Simple figures that united create a complex scenario, reflecting her strong personality in an apparently moderate appearance.