Jedariya: Inkman

Jedariya: Inkman

Date: Thursday 20 Dec, 2018
Venue: Heart of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Maraya Art Centre has initiated a new mural as part of this year’s Islamic Arts Festival organized by the Department of Culture and Information to bring art to the streets of Sharjah under its street art initiative “Jedariya”. The artwork has been executed by the Tunisian Calligraffiti artist and graphic designer Inkman (Mohamed Kilani Tbib, born in 1990) who started the project in late December 2018 and has completed it in January 2019.

The new mural will be viewable in the Heart of Sharjah, on Corniche Road heading towards the Radisson Blu Resort, in the area of Al Majarah, on the building opposite to Al Maghfirah Mosque and close to the Sharjah Art Foundation’s Rain Room.

The mural displays a poem by the poetess Munira Sabt Al Sabieie from Bahrain who expressed her deep appreciation for the Emirate of Sharjah in the Arabic Poetry Festival 2012. The lines of the poem selected by Inkman read as follows:

“Sharjah is like a sun in its presence, light twinkles from it and radiance

elevates it, emitting like a star, in its sky, it rises”.

Commenting on the work, Inkman said that “This mural is a mirror reflecting the soul and beauty of Sharjah, and the kindness of its people. In reality, this mural and what is written in it became a part of me because of what I have felt and seen. Ethics is also one of the subjects I work on. To be a good and pure soul, we should have good ethics; it is what makes us humans.”

Inkman offers a visual space based on calligraphy and geometric forms in an attempt to provide bold combinations using textiles and walls as a means for creating art. A graduate of the High School of Sciences and Technologies of Design in Denden-Tunis, Inkman was attracted to poems already at a young age. His passion is reflected in the majority of the artworks. Mixing his Arabic calligraphy roots and spirit with Latin characters, his Calligraffiti artworks give a complex und unique view on the significance of poems in contemporary street art today.