Fashion and Film: Deconstructing the Relationship

Fashion and Film: Deconstructing the Relationship

Date: Monday 19 Dec, 2016 - Monday 19 Dec, 2016
Time: 07:00 p.m. - 09:00 p.m.
Venue: A4, Screening Room, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

In collaboration with Cinema Akil, a participant in the genre of fashion film at the exhibition De.fash.struction this talk explores the definitions, styles, and influences of the fashion film – a form which emerged on the world stage in 2009. What place does it occupy in the film world, how does it shape our understandings of fashion and the culture around it and how has technology influenced its rise, its form, and its proliferation.

The talk is moderated by Butheina Kazim, founder of Cinema Akil and panelists include the following:

Ayad Damouni & Meredith Damouni of Capital D Studio

Peter Richweisz, The Cartel

Yago Goicoechea, Taller Marmo



FILM Programme included the following:



Directed by Danielle Levitt //  2012 //  FR, ENG //  4.45’

This short documentary is an intimate film portrait of designer Rick Owens and his wife and muse Michele Lamy. Shot by Danielle Levitt over a period of three months, the film charts Owens' work on his fashion and furniture collections and provides an insight into his relationship with wife and collaborator Michele Lamy. 



Directed by Marie Schuller //  2015 //  1.14’

The film combines Schuller’s powerful ability to capture the female subject with Anthony Vaccarello’s signature allure and sensuality. The film combines the energy of strength with abstractions deliberately meant to escape the spectator; deconstructing not only the visual elements of the film but the process of observing it. This exclusive film directed by Marie Schuller was produced and launched on Dazed Digital debuting Vaccarello’s SS15 collection for Vesus Versace  at New York Fashion Week.



Directed by Hermione Flynn //  2012 //  2.49’

The Homogenized Human was a term revealed to Hermione Flynn during a lecture with Google's co-founders. They used the term to describe a unified global conscience created from the technological phenomena of online information sharing. The term evoked in Flynn pure ambivalence. As a point of departure, Hermione Flynn creates a fashion film which explores the term Homogenized Human as a physical reality through bodies as inanimate, human sculptures referenced as mere specimens, both voiceless and nonreactive.



Directed by Lernet and Sander //  2014 //  2.04’

Artists Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug deconstruct the filming process by taking us behind the scenes into the studio where foley artists are creating the sounds for Swedish retailer’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection film. Through the artistry of recordists, we witness the mundane as a protagonist and are confronted with the reality of the glorious film being the sum of constructed interactions – of pots, umbrellas, salt, and steel chains. These are the sounds of fashion deconstructed. The film won the award for Best Sound Design at A Shaded View on Fashion Film 2014.



Directed by threeASFOUR //  2014 //  3.57’

threeASFOUR’s Fall 2014 collection reveals the varied visual aspects of Nature and its inherent sacred geometries through a topographic approach. Within the collection, surface shapes, elevations, and textures relate to each other as well as to the terrain of the human body. Fractal geometry and dimensionality again play a big part in this season’s collection. This virtual runway show features Lily McMenamay wearing the collection within an animated 3D fractal environment. Topo-graphic is a continuation of threeASFOUR’s experimentation and exploration of new technologies.